Video: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana

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A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana is a TEDMED talk available on YouTube. Dr. Casarett is a professor of medicine at Duke University School of Medicine. He is the section chief of palliative care and a member of the Duke Cancer Institute. You can see his credentials on Duke’s website here.
Dr. Casarett speaks about one of the reasons people seek MM for their condition: control. He talks about how dispensaries assist their patients. Our tradition medical professions should take the same time and care, but often don’t. It’s a quick talk, about 15 minutes. Give it a listen.

A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana

Dr. Casarett also has a book available called Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana. We have not read the book yet, but it is on our list. 
Have you read Dr. Casarett’s book or been inspired by one of his talks? Have you heard another talk you think would benefit our readers? We’d like to hear what you think. Leave a comment below.
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2 thoughts on “Video: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana”

  1. Wow very interesting. Now understanding my fears and loss of control and fatigue. I am miserable living in clutter and disorganization. Standing for 20 minutes causes severe leg and back pain. I am often too tired to even get started on basic chores. I am lucky to have a real artist studio in my condo but now never feel like painting or doing creative art. I am anticipating making changes.

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