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Fluent Cannabis Care dispensaries Florida began as Knox Medical. Knox Medical arrived on the medical marijuana scene 2 years ago. Just as the cannabis landscape has changed, Knox Medical changed. The CEO and founder, José Hidalgo, noted that they have grown and educated themselves as a company. “In fact, you might say we’ve become Fluent,” he states in the announcement of the name change. They currently have 13 dispensaries in Florida, one in Pennsylvania, and one in Puerto Rico.


Check with your local dispensary for product availability.

Fluent products are broken up into 4 categories: THC, CBD, Blend, and Black. Flower will be available on 5/14/2019 at 4:20 pm according to the website.


The THC line all comes in 2 strengths of cartridges and a tincture. These include Versa (I), Lyra (H), Sagitta (I), Polaris (I), Subra (S), Hydra (S), Baldor (H), and Odra (H). Polaris (I) and Odra (H) are also available in capsule form.


Fluent has two products in its CBD category. Zeltor (H) is available in a cartridge and a tincture. Perla (I) is available in 2 strengths of cartridge, tincture, capsule, topical, and suppositories.


Blend consists of blending products to produce the desired consistency. Vela (H) has a 4:1 (CBD:THC) ratio is available in 2 cartridge strengths. Doma (Unknown) has a 1:3 (CBD:THC) ratio and is available in 2 cartridge strengths, a tincture, and a capsule. Elara (Unknown) has a 1:1 (CBD:THC) ratio. Elara comes in 2 cartridge strengths, tincture, capsules, suppositories, and a topical.


Black contains many of the strains in previous categories, but with a higher potency. They are only available in a vaporizer concentrate. The Black link features: Perla (I) Black CBD, Versa (I) Black THC, Lyra (H) Black THC, Sagitta (I) Black THC, Polaris (I) Black THC, Subra (S) Black THC, Hydra (S) Black THC, Baldor (H) Black THC, and Odra (H) Black THC.



FREE DELIVERY STATEWIDE WITH NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED. Check the website to see any delivery discounts that may be available by your zip code. The current promotion ends 5/31/2019 and requires a minimum order of $150. To order call 1 (833) 7 FLUENT (1-833-735-8368).


You can find the website for Florida here.

Are you a Fluent patient? Do you have a favorite location? What products do you love? Comment below so others can gain from your experience.

To view a one-page list of Florida Dispensaries and locations, see our Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Florida page. 

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