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 How do you choose a Medical Marijuana doctor in Florida?

How do you choose a Medical Marijuana doctor in Florida? Every day, more physicians become approved Medical Marijuana doctors here in Florida. The state maintains this database on their website. Here are 5 ideas for choosing a MM practitioner in your area.

Your Doctor

Medical Marijuana DoctorTalk to your doctor. Doctors often network with each other. If your doctor has other patients using MM, they may have knowledge that can be beneficial to you. There may even be a doctor who works with your physician’s group without your knowledge. A traditional physician’s referral is not needed. Yet, one that works as a team with your primary physician can be beneficial.


Previous Doctors

Look through the state’s database. You may find a doctor listed that you have visited in the past. The database is listed by city or town, so check out the ones in your area. If you see one on the list that has treated you in the past, you will have great insight on the doctor themselves.

FriendsTwo ladies discussing medical marijuana.

You might already know someone who is already enjoying the benefits of MM. Many seniors may not feel comfortable asking friends due to the past stigma and taboo. It’s not hard to find a news story or other lead in to broach the topic. As the topic arises, you will be able to tell if your friend or acquaintance is amiable about the subject. You may discover a friend is already using MM.


If you live in a populated area, you may have seen the temporary signs starting to pop up on the sides of the roads. You may have many doctors in your area certified to recommend Medical Marijuana. In more rural areas, you may find your choices more limited. The list provided by the state groups physicians by their city and location.

Online Reviews

Google for reviewsHarness the power of Google to find local clinics and then search out online reviews. Go beyond searching for the doctor or clinic’s own website by adding the term “review” into the search. If you find few or no reviews, remember Medical Marijuana is still new to the state. Like the states that legalized MM before us, it all starts slow.


Have you found a good Medical Marijuana practitioner in your area? How did you find them? We want to know, so drop us a comment below.


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