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RISE dispensaries Florida is owned by GTI, Green Thumb Industries. They are headquartered in Chicago. In addition to Florida, they operate in 9 other markets across the United States: Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. GTI acquired KSGNF, LLC to enter the Florida market. They have plans for 33 RISE dispensaries in the state with 4 already open.


Check with your local dispensary for product availability.

Rythm Research  

Rythm Research aims to simplify medicine choices. They categorize their products into 4 types: Energize, Relax, Balance, and Heal.  This makes choosing the right product easier for the novice purchaser.

Flower is currently available in four strains: – Bora Bora-Heal (CBD), Lovelace -Heal (CBD), White Queen- Balance (H) and Bubba Doja- Relax (Indica).

Concentrates are available in nectar, disposable pens, and cartridges for use with the rechargeable Rythm Hits vape pen.

Balance– The Balance line currently features LSD (H), Blueberry Haze (H), and Canuk Cookies (unknown).

Energize– The Energize line currently features Miami Heat (unknown), Cinderella 99 (H), Sour Diesel (S), and Watermelon Zkittlez (S).

Heal– The Heal line currently features Harlesin, Lovelace, and Otto.

Relax– The Relax line currently has available: Purple Lotus, Purple Sherbet, White Rabbit, and Bubba Doja.

The Feel Collection

The Feel Collection is a line of tinctures.

Feel Comfort comes in two strengths: 2:1 (CBD:THC) and 10:1 (CBD:THC). Feel Dreamy is a CBN product with a 1:1 (CBN:THC) ratio. Feel Energized and Feel Relaxed both have a 10:1 (THC:CBD) ratio.



Delivery is available near open dispensaries. Order online.


You can find the website for Florida here.

Are you a RISE patient? Do you have a favorite location? What products do you love? Comment below so others can gain from your experience.

To view a one-page list of Florida Dispensaries and locations, see our Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Florida page. 

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